le patron de la salle de grimpe à perpignan

After several years spent on the ice climbing world-cup circuit . Today I want to share with you my passion for climbing sport.

le chien de garder de la grappe escalade perpignan

Faithful companion of climbing, I will watch you  when you climb. I like being caressed and scratching my buttocks. You can send me a ball but don’t ask me to bring it back to you.

Xavier : le partenaire

He is balding but very nice, Xavier will welcome you to the climbing room on Friday and Saturday mainly.

Passionate about the aesthetic, sporting and fun facets offered by climbing, also keen to discover beautiful walls in the four corners of the world, its climbing courses will transform you to reveal the climber who lies dormant in you ….

Passionnée de musique il va vous concocter une playlist aux petits oignons. Yoann travail principalement le dimanche.